On January 14th Discover How Your Small Business Can Create Video & Content Like Never Before with Your Mobile Devices…

• Frustrated with Finding Images and Videos for Instagram posts?

• Tired of Running out of Content to Post on your Website and for Emails?

• Looking for creative ways to come up with content for Facebook?

• Do You Want Inexpensive Ways to Help Your Sales & Biz Dev Team to Increase Revenues?

• Want to Increase Your Exposure on the Web and Attract More People to Your Website and Social Media Platforms?

• Looking for a better way to grow your congregation or organization, and increase donations?

• Searching for the best option when it comes to driving traffic to your website and social media properties?

Come Join us on January 14th from 9 to 11:30am for the Content Creation Workshop at our Steam Plant offices & Studio in Spokane. Experience How You Can Create More Content Than You’ll Ever Need for your Small Business. 



Limited # of Seats – Register Now and Save Thousands of $$$$$ in Ongoing Video, Audio & Content Creation Costs.

Your Price is Only $75! (Reg. Price $195)


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At the Mobile Devices Content Creation Workshop You will…

• Discover How to Capture Content without Spending Thousands on Costly Equipment

• Increase Your Sales, Revenues and Donor Support for less than $2 per day

• Develop New Subscribers & Customers with Powerful Content in Your Emails

• Get the Inside Scoop about How You Can Capture Audio on The Fly

• See Simple & Affordable Ways to Capture Testimonials – No matter Where You Are

• Master the Secret to Getting Content in Front of People When They Can’t Access Video

• Find Out How to Connect with People Using Content That Your Competitors Probably Don’t Know About 


Mobile Businesses

Service Industry

Simple ways to help boost your sales, marketing, promotion, and advertising efforts.

Affordable training to create better outreach and engagement while on location.

Effective and efficient methods to developing and attracting new business and recurring sales.

The Mobile Devices Content Creation Session is setup in a live interactive small group so you’ll have lots of hands on experience and be able interact and ask questions. There is no better way to learn how to gather and create content than at this private session.


The information you will receive is valued at $2000 to $5000 and can Save You this amount or more over a year. This is based on what it would cost you to hire professionals, purchase gear, receive high quality training – in addition to the savings of having to pay a production company or employee to create content.  


Attend the Mobile Devices Content Creation Workshop from 9am to 11:30am in Spokane and You’ll Never Have to Worry About Creating Content Again – Guaranteed

Limited Seats – Register Now to Reserve Your Seat Today for the Content Creation Workshop on January 14th. 

If you are using any of the following online channels and email to market and engage with your clients – then you need to attend the Content Creation Workshop on January 14th. You’ll learn how to Save Thousands of $$$$$ in ongoing Video, Audio and Content Creation Costs.

Experience How You Can Create
Content Every Day and Have More
Content Than You’ll Ever Need:

• Content that is Current & Relevant
• Content that Interests People
• Content that Will Be of Value to Your Target Market
• Content that Separates You from Your Competition
• Content that Engages Your Audience
• Content that Can be Evergreen and Last for Months and Years

During the Content Creation
Workshop We’ll Show & Share
with You the Ins and Outs of Creating…

Content for Emails

Receive tips on adding effective content
that will turn cold leads into customers or clients.

Content for Social Media 

Learn how to create powerful content that
will help engagement on each and every SM channel.

Content for Offline Mktg

Discover how to build content that will help
your offline marketing and public relations efforts.

Content for Your Website

Identify and add fresh, unique, and original content
to your web properties on a daily or weekly basis.

Attend the Mobile Devices Content Creation Workshop
on January 14th, and your Content Worries
will become a Thing of The Past!


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Here’s What Others Are Saying…

“Another happy group of satisfied CGS workshop attendees”

After you’ve attended the Content Creation Workshop on January 14th you’ll have no excuses when it comes to gathering and creating content for your business or organization.

“A long time ago, someone gave me good advice. Build your business on your strengths and outsource your weaknesses! Dave Krygier came into my life at just the right time. My move management business had grown and I needed to expand my market outreach. The problem is that I do not have the social media, online marketing and content management skills for the next step. Dave has the marketing and sales skills to move my business forward but equally important to me is the fact that he is a man of integrity who earned my trust.”

DeAnne Wilfong, Smooth Transitions, LLC

“Dave’s content gathering workshop is packed with actionable ideas and tools to easily get your message out on the web. He knows what challenges a small business faces and packages his content workshop in an easy to understand and a simple to apply manner. He also has the experience and knowledge to help any business improve in the 21stcentury. I highly recommend any business looking to improve SEO, SEM, Social Media outreach, or to be recognized as an expert in your field with your target customers, they should attend his workshop. You won’t regret it.”  

Andy Niska, President, Love At Home Senior Care

“I must admit, I view so much that I take for granted where content comes from and what goes into creating it. Meeting Dave Krygier changed that forever. After sitting through Dave’s content gathering seminar with my co-workers, we are all better equipped to capture the moments that will help shape our new company and to share those moments with our prospects and customers.”  

David Norczyk, Spokane Valley, WA

“We are Incredibly grateful for the insight and collaboration that Dave Krygier from DMK Productions provided our team. Social media is a landfill ripe for disaster. However, Dave was able to provide us with a concrete way to map our content on social media without making it complicated or wasteful.”  

Jason Soucinek, Executive Director, ProjectSix19.org


“Dave and his team were able to take about 20-30 minutes worth of video interviews and boil them down to a fantastic two minute media piece that communicates exactly what we needed to say. Kudos to Dave Krygier and his team for crafting the perfect message!” Anthony Carollo, Executive Director, GSAE 

Anthony Carollo, Executive Director, GSAE  


“Dave does great work and he is a fantastic creative partner. His professional experience and technical skills make working together really fun, and the finished results have always been excellent.”  Jonathan Moscatello, The Heat Pump Store & Mainstream Innovations 




“I have had a great opportunity to work with Dave Krygier and the DMK Productions team in a variety of ways over the past several years. Whether marketing work with a mutual client, businesses under our management team, or work with a Non-profit organization, Dave has demonstrated an affinity to crystalize what is most important and create outstanding messaging products. Dave makes it easy to offer high quality marketing at reasonable cost. DMK just may be the hardest working Production Team you have ever seen!”  Steve Benner, Principal, SPB Contracts LLC 




“Marketing and sales campaigns are most effective when they work in concert together like a well orchestrated piece of music. Much of today’s music combines analog and digital components to reach listeners and enhance their listening experience. In Dave’s excellent book 30 Years Into Six he talks about “Click and Mortar” and other concepts that illustrate the value of incorporating both digital (on line) and analog (face to face) tactics in your marketing and sales campaigns to reach your audience (target market) with ultimate clarity and impact.”   Brian Southworth, Business Intermediary, Murphy Business Brokers 



Come Join Dave, The Content Gathering Solutions Founder, at the Content Creation Workshop in Spokane on January 14th from 9am to 11:30am. You’ll learn and experience how you can gather, create and share content that will change the  way you do business and engage with people everyday. All you need to do is register and be ready to soak it all in.

Very Limited # of Seats Available – Register Now and Save Thousands of $$$$ in Ongoing Video, Audio & Content Creation Costs. Your Price is Only $75! (Reg. Price $195)


Attendee Options


If you have any questions or would like further information about our live workshops, virtual trainings, consulting, videos series or the podcast, Contact us today by calling the studio hotline at 509.590.0629.