Content Gathering Solutions Founder Dave Krygier with Tyler Combs - Photo 434 © ContentGathering.SolutionsContent Gathering Solutions, or what we refer to as CGS, is the system, workshops, training videos and podcast created by founder Dave Krygier for people who desire to capture content with their mobile devices. He got his start in the recording and production industries over 30 years ago as a producer and studio manager. For the last 7 years he’s been been creating content and helping businesses, ministries, and non-profits to create films, videos, audios and messaging. Today he owns and operates a production and content creation company where on any given day you’ll find him working on location, in the studio as a storyteller, producer, director, camera op, and consultant or teaching a CGS workshop. In his spare time you’ll find him reading, researching, writing books (published author), at the gym, in addition to filming his kids on a soccer field somewhere in the West.


More and more businesses and organizations are attending Content Gathering Solutions workshops and trainings. Here are just a few of the companies and non-profits that have joined us for one or more trainings.  

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