The Content Gathering Virtual Workshops are a great way for people to access & learn the ins and outs of creating content with mobile devices. Our next virtual workshop is on August 24th from 9am to 11am.

Whether you work in a small business, ministry or non-profit organization, the creating content with mobile devices training is designed to help you succeed as soon as you leave the workshop and head back to your job, profession or business.

Content Gathering Solutions Workshop Spokane by Dave KrygierDuring virtual workshop we will teach and run you through the basics for capturing content with your mobile devices. This workshop digs into both audio, video and even touches on still photography, and allows the attendee to learn how to capture content on the fly, thus taking content creation to the next level.

Here at Content Gathering Solutions we strive to offer and provide both live and virtual workshops where you’ll actually be doing and creating content with other people in a small group setting – just like these happy campers shown here at one of our Spokane office workshops. It’s a great way to be able to learn alongside other people who use the same devices as you.

People from all walks of life have attended the Content Gathering Solutions workshops over the years. From pastors and executive directors to small business owners and realtors, we’ve seen many different professions gathering content with us and leaving better equipped to ramp up their online presence. Whether you’re a beginner and have never shot and captured much video with your mobile device, or maybe you’re more advanced and have been capturing video for years, there’s a Content Gathering Solutions workshop for everyone.

Make sure to stay tuned and register for the next mobile devices virtual workshop and you’ll be on your way to learning how to create content and save money. For other workshops, virtual trainings, and training videos that can help you in your business or organization – let’s start the conversation and see which solution best works for you. Contact us by filling out the contact form, send an email or simply dial the studio hotline at 509.590.0629 and we’ll connect with you so you can start on your content gathering journey today.