Connecting with donors and new potential donors, can be frustrating at times, right? With all the competition out there, it can be time consuming and expensive, making outreach tougher and tougher each year.

What if you could have Unlimited Content for Your Ministry, meaning that you have a pipeline of content that is continually coming your way. It’s content that helps you better connect with your donors and supporters. Content that is relevant to the people you want to connect with. Content for your ministry you can specifically use all the time or just one time for a social event. Content that can be repurposed and used over and over again, or what we call evergreen.

Believe it or not, you, your staff and your volunteers are the best people to create this content. And with your mobile devices you can be creating content day-in and day-out all year long. Saving your ministry time and money while increasing donations and support. It’s a win-win that your board will endorse and see that it makes sense to implement.

So if you are truly looking to better connect with your existing donors and find ways to raise additional funds; then we have super affordable solutions and answers to help you get this up and running within days.


Find out more by attending our Free Webinar or Virtual Workshop and you could have unlimited content for your ministry within weeks.